Termination Kits

We are suppliers of Termination kits imported from Europe. Our Connectors are watertight medium/high voltage electrical connections both at the interface bushing of the switchgear or transformer and at the cable entrance. Additional water sealing mastic is applied on the cable sheath jacket for copper wire screen cable installations. Energisation of the connector is immediate after completion of installation in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Separable Connector

EPDM Rubber Connector & “Safe to Touch”

EPDM is an Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer rubber – the outer jacket and insert of the connector are both semi-conductive while the material in between these two connector layers is insulating EPDM. The separable connectors are manufactured from EPDM providing high mechanical strength which can be easily connected and disconnected from the MV HV bushing for maintenance – silicone cable connectors have a tendency to attach and “stick” to the bushings and cannot be easily removed easily without damaging the actual connector.Euromold connectors are electrically safe for accidental touch due to the 3mm thick semi-conductive layer connected to earth.