110 KV Cable Termination Kits

We are suppliers of Termination kits imported from Europe .This new generation of dry type termination is free of any liquid and gaseous insulation medium. Main components of the termination are the push-on silicone components with integrated stress cone for electrical field control and the liquid free epoxy resin insulator with silicone sheds.

110 KV  Cable Termination Kits

  • Free of insulation liquid, no filling procedure
  • Less parts to be assembled therefore faster installation
  • Prefabricated capacitive silicone stress control system
  • Plug-in part comprising four components (stress cone made of silicone rubber, cable gland, connection bolt, spring loaded compression device)
  • Easy to fit screw type conductor connector
  • All metal parts made of corrosion resistant aluminium alloy
  • Type test certificate in accordance with IEC 60840 available
  • Explosion proof